During law school, I discovered my best illustrations were done in class.  I sat there, half listening to the professor, and was inspired to chronicle the characters at my school.  Neuroses were abundant and commonly made public at law school; excellent fodder for cartoons. After almost three years of observing their habits, studying along side them, drinking with them, and ultimately becoming close friends with them,  I concluded that most of them fit into one of nine types of law students.

So I began my first cartoon.  Aptly titled, “The Nine Types of Law Students,” it was published in my school’s newspaper, resulting in many people asking me who they were.  Some of the characters were loosely based on a collection of people, while some were directly inspired by one single person.

Lawschoolcartoons.com is an attempt to continue chronicling these characters from law school. Perhaps some of them are unique to my experience, maybe some are more ubiquitous. Either way, I hope that Law School Cartoons can be an online forum for the legal community to reminisce about their own law school years, for present law students to laugh at themselves, and a cautionary tale for all aspiring law students.

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  1. Courtney! These are awesome! You are so, so talented…good for you!

    Mary Beth

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